Commercial hauling, you have a choice in Portland.

The Trashco theme, “think outside of the dumpster” illustrates our interest in continuing to look for new opportunities and additional services that meet the goals of our customers. We continuously stay abreast of new recycling and waste prevention opportunities and assist our customers in staying current as well.

Did you know?

Did you know in the Portland area you can choose who will provide your drop box and commercial trash pickup?


Would you like to work with a hauler that doesn't require a long-term contract? Don't be locked in!


You might be interested... At Portland State University, between July 2007 and June 2008, Trashco's recycling programs eliminated 834.43 tons of recyclables from the waste stream, which would have cost $63,000 if land filled. In addition, with the implementation of the food waste program, 197,000 pounds of food waste was diverted from the waste stream in 2008.

A lifeline of waste and the choices to be made

When we work with you, our resource management experts look at the lifeline of waste from its point of generation to its ultimate disposal. From the origin - the user - there is a choice to make in what is purchased, used and disposed of. Education can impact those individual decisions and choices.

Within most organizations, the janitorial and custodial team are the next to handle the waste, and with support from Trashco, will have choices available to them for improving the lifeline of waste. Next in line is the Trashco driver who monitors the recycling that's sorted from waste and assists in moving it down the line. Our team then brokers any recycled commodities based on the best return coupled with the least environmental impact.

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