More recycling is less in the landfill, we’ll help.

In addition to providing full resource management services that include refuse collection, disposal and recycling services, Trashco offers Styrofoam recycling, pre- and post-consumer food waste, e-waste, bulk metal and other recycling services. Our commitment is to continually divert material from the landfill, thereby helping our environment and reducing the costs of disposing materials.

We make it easier to recycle

When Trashco first starts working with our customers, we frequently introduce changes in the way recyclable and refuse materials are handled. We understand that people are willing to recycle, but they are more likely to recycle if it’s convenient to do so.

Three strategies increase recycling

Three central strategies are employed to reduce trash and increase recycling: 1) container management; 2) increasing the amount and the types of items that can be recycled; and 3) source reduction.

Increased convenience means 
more recycling

To increase convenience, we recommend that all colors of glass be collected together in roll carts. Scrap metal, yard debris and construction materials are collected in individual drop boxes. A separate system is set up for organics (food waste) recycling. All fiber products (including paper and cardboard), plastics, tin and aluminum are co-mingled into containers, a blend that allows for increased efficiencies of onsite equipment, collection and processing. This system means one container where there may have been two (when cardboard was in a separate container) which saves space and often results in more efficient container utilization.

Working with you to implement recycling effectively

Our goal in all of our partnerships is to implement recycling efforts at all levels of the organization, identifying programs that will be effective and sustainable throughout the organization. In many cases it's more effective to develop a pilot program first, such as managing and diverting food waste. When the focused program has been successful, expand to more locations and add more options.

Taking an analytical approach

Trashco analyzes and makes improvements on an ongoing basis to ensure every aspect of waste management follows this hierarchy:

  • Reduce/eliminate
  • Reuse/return
  • Recycle/compost
  • Dispose

A resource efficiency audit is a valuable tool in reducing and eliminating waste.

Additional benefits from recycling

There are major benefits to recycling beyond the obvious. For every truck that is not required to haul a load of waste, fuel consumption is saved, pollution is reduced, noise levels are diminished, and road wear is minimized.


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