Organize, manage waste and recyclables with our drop boxes.

Why would you need a drop box? Call it a drop box or dumpster, either way it can help you organize a job site, manage a large volume of waste or sort out recyclables for recovery. Contractors, facility managers, builders, restaurants and large institutions count on our drop box service to manage their waste and recyclables effectively. You load it, we haul it away!

Why a drop box?

  • Contractors and builders use them to separate out recyclables and waste on site
  • Some businesses keep a drop box for one particular recyclable
  • If you need more capacity, drop boxes hold more than containers
  • You fill it, we pick it up and haul it away
  • Use for short-term projects or leave on site and we will arrange a regular pick up schedule

What size do you need?



2.5 yards fills approximately a regular size pickup bed. Roll cursor over drop boxes to view dimensions.

Call us to schedule

  • Sizes available: 4, 6, 10, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards
  • Call us and we will review your site and suggest size and frequency
  • Some boxes available with lids, which allow for locking capabilities

Call 503-232-4084 ext. 110 when you need one.

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